April 16, 2024

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Reasons to Select Fully-Furnished Apartment when on a Business Trip

Traditionally, hotels were the only option for businesses when loking to find accommodation for their employees while on an official trip. Things are different nowadays as there are several options to consider. Some alternatives will give you a better experience than opting for restaurants, lodges, and hotels. Understanding the differences will ensure you make the best choice for accomidation while spending time away from home due to work.

Corporates are choosing fully furnished apartments, and the trend will continue in the future. You can find them at Camden Vanderbilt at affordable prices. Here are reasons to select them for accommodation during your business trip;

Are Available in Different Locations

Corporate luxury apartments are coming up fast in modern cities globally. You will often find them in the city center or near airports. If you are on a long flight and need to rest as soon as you arrive, you can select from a nearby location. However, it is critical to think about the distance to where you will be working every day to know if you are making the right choice. You should factor in traffic when calculating the time it would take.

Apartments in the commercial district will make it easy to move to different locations for your business. Also, they are appealing as you can access social amenities like parks and entertainment joints. Still, you can find accommodation in residential areas.  

Superior Amenities

The amenities of a hotel room cannot match what you get from renting an apartment. You will probably have a bed, a small table, and a bathroom with the former option. On the contrary, apartments will have superior amenities. They are more spacious than a hotel room and more private. The houses will have a kitchen with standard equipment and a laundry area. 

Your stay will be enjoyable as you can prepare meals at the place. Still, you can host your clients at the apartment to close a deal. 

Ideal for Long Trips

If you stay in town for several days or weeks, corporate apartments are the best choice. It is a homely environment that offers you comfort while away from your house. You will get most things you would have back home. Even if you spend a few weeks, it will seem much shorter when staying at a fully-furnished apartment. 


You often hear people losing their money and valuables at a hotel. It is mainly due to the numerous people working at a particular place. Renting an apartment is much safer as CCTV cameras and security guards monitor the area. Also, there are not many employees working there. With few people entering your room, the chances of losing your items are minimal.

It is Affordable

Probably, you have thought that corporate apartments are expensive. But, they are cheaper than the alternatives, especially if you stay for several weeks. In addition, it helps you reduce the expenses of meals since you can cook at the apartment and wash your clothes rather than paying for laundry services.

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