May 19, 2024

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Reasons to Invest In Property In Spain

If you’re looking to move to Spain or want to find a place for a new vacation, the country has lots to offer. Spain has a relatively low cost of living, even new properties are reasonably priced, and you’ll be in the midst of beautiful beaches and warm weather almost all year round.

If you’re seriously considering buying a new home in Spain, it is time to get detailed information on the prices of homes in the country. The real estate portal Kyero shows the average price of homes in more than 400 towns and cities in Spain, particularly on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

The demand for properties in Spain is increasing more, which is driving price increases. if you bought a property in Spain a few years ago, you have likely seen an increase in the value of your property to around 20-30% per year in some areas. If you had bought it at a reduced price and sold it, the return would have been higher. Therefore, growth is driven by demand, but the investors of such properties will benefit the most from excellent returns on their Spanish property investments.

Around 25% of Brits intend to retire abroad. Spain is the most popular destination due to the country’s fantastic climate, relatively cheap cost of living and proximity to the UK, coupled with low-cost flights. Ryanair and EasyJet offer cheap flights and the possibility of travelling from one point to another in just over two hours.

Attractive Economy

Spain occupies a main place worldwide regarding the importance of its economy, ranking 13th in the world economy, 11th in terms of GDP size, 11th as an FDI issuer and ninth as an exporter of commercial services. It is an international centre of innovation favoured by the highly qualified young population with proactive and competitive costs within Western Europe’s framework, specifically higher graduates.

Climate and Quality of Life

Spain is the first country in Europe regarding quality of life for foreigners living in the country and the third worldwide. Spain offers a modern and high-quality healthcare system, a stable and rigorous framework for business and citizenship, a rich historical and cultural heritage, and a unique, internationally renowned gastronomy.

Among the main attractions for property investors in Spain is undoubtedly the landscape with 8,000 km. (4,970 miles) of coastline and beautiful beaches. The excellent climate, with more than three hundred sunny days a year, makes Spain the best Mediterranean climate in Europe. It is not surprising that Spanish life expectancy is the fifth highest in Europe and seventh in the world.

Privileged Position

In the world of a globalized economy, there is no doubt that location plays a key role when deciding on investments. Spain is one of the best destinations due to its privileged geographical location for conducting international business, not only because it belongs to the EU, but also because it represents a fundamental point of contact with South America and is the gateway to the African continent. The ports of Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona are among the main ports in Europe in terms of maritime traffic.

Excellent infrastructure and communications network

The extensive road and rail network and the number and location of ports and airports provide Spain with an exceptional communication network that favours trade and tourism. The high-speed train network is the leader in Europe with more than 2,900 kilometres of tracks, being a reference model worldwide. 


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