May 19, 2024

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How to build a strong mindset for successful trading

Have you ever wondered how successful traders continue to be at the top of their game, even after years of trading? Maybe they have an insurmountable tolerance for stress or have deep reserves of patience that allow them to do what’s necessary, even when it isn’t enjoyable.

Or perhaps they are so confident in their abilities that they never succumb to any sense of self-doubt, allowing them to mould their future rather than being held hostage by fear and regret.

Traits of successful traders

Everyone possesses some degree of natural trading traits, but strengthening your mind for success as a trader is about more than just having them. It’s about knowing what they are and how to harness each one at will.

Be patient

One trait that many successful traders possess is patience. Many traders are desperate to see their trades go ‘live’ or take an exit point as soon as possible, but successful traders can maintain a long term perspective. It allows them to ride out the highs and lows of the market – knowing that their trade will come good, just not right now.

When you’re patient in waiting for your trade, you’ll be more likely to hold on instead of taking it too early, just because you can’t stand being in that position any longer. For example, if you’ve placed a stop-loss order at 3%, would you instead have closed your position prematurely once it had dropped by 1%? The answer’s probably yes, so if this has happened before, you should adjust your stop loss to more tolerable levels.

Be confident

On the flip side, successful traders are often self-confident. They trust their judgment and know that they have what it takes to succeed in this game. When you believe in yourself with confidence that borders on arrogance, you’ll be able to take action even when there is uncertainty or doubt – something which will come in handy during times of panic.

You’re not going to second guess yourself before placing a trade because you’re too scared of losing. Instead, you’ll go for it because deep down inside, you know that everything’s going to work out fine. Remember: if every trade were easy money, everyone would be doing it. If you find yourself hesitant or uncertain, allow your confidence to take over, and you’ll be able to make the right decisions.

Don’t be emotional

Many successful traders don’t let their emotions get in the way of making a sound decision. Negative emotions such as fear and anger can cause us to make rash decisions that we might later regret. Those with a strong mindset know how to prevent this from happening.

Instead of panicking when a trade goes against them, they accept it for what it is and move on by considering where they’ve gone wrong and how they can improve. They understand that if you feel bad after losing money, it means that you care about the outcome of your trades. Allow these negative emotions to be the fuel for you to get better, rather than letting them potentially destroy your trading career.

Have a sound strategy

A strong mindset means having a sound strategy before executing any trading activity. It allows traders to objectively think about their next move without letting emotions get in the way of sound judgement. It would be wise only to invest an amount equivalent to 1-3% of your portfolio per trade, slowly building up this percentage as your account increases over time.

Understand the risks

Finally, one needs to understand how much risk they are willing to take on during each trade and remain consistent. If you’re looking to play the long-term game, remain patient and consistent because your risk management skills will pay off immensely in due time.


Successful traders are patient, self-confident and don’t let their emotions get in the way of making a sound decision. For more information, contact one of the reputable online brokers at Saxo bank or visit

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