May 19, 2024

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Gen Y (Millennials) vs. Gen Z (Zoomers): Comparing Crypto Investment Strategies

Gen Y or Millennials belong to the age group 25 to 40, while Gen Z or Zoomers belong to the age group 18 to 24. Both Gen Y and Z can easily access the stock and investment market than their previous generation. 

According to a survey, Zoomer and Millennial investors are investing in a blend of old and new asset categories, sectors, and stocks. Despite the current media attention towards IPOs, SPACs, and meme stocks majority of the young investors are not interested in holding them. 

Gen Y and Z most probably hold growth & dividend stocks because they value historical stability instead of influencers and social media buzz. Both prefer stock investment in the financial, IT, and emerging technology sectors. However, they are even invested in stock and cryptocurrency options. 

Gen Z vs. Gen Y

  • Gen Z members were more expected to hold stocks.
  • Gen Y members were more expected to invest in mutual funds.
  • 40% of total respondents owned cryptocurrency, so it is the 3rd popular investment type after stocks and mutual funds. Cryptocurrency investment type has surpassed options, bonds, ETFs, index funds, etc. 

Gen Z is more expected to be invested in cryptocurrency and options instead of bonds and mutual funds. Gen Z grew up on the internet….virtually playing games and staying connected with friends. The transition in digital asset investment is natural. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, while NFT [non-fungible token] owns a derivative of the original digital image. 

Elon Musks’ meme tweets resonate with Millennials. Dogecoin wallet has gained more awareness than Ethereum the 2nd best crypto after Bitcoin in market capitalization. 

Millennials own blue chip stocks because they gain information about potential companies. On the other hand, meme cryptocurrency stocks are unpredictable and trade on movement rather than fundamentals. Zoomers find the decentralized nature and volatility of digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies appealing. Cryptocurrency is unregulated, which means negligible investor protection but still, it does not discourage young traders. Money-playing games also fueled the thought of financial independence amongst Zoomers. 

When compared to males, the female aged group 18 to 40 is less invested in cryptocurrencies. Young females are less keen to risk their dollars than young males. She desires to invest money and forget. In terms of investment, she is unwilling to take risks making cryptocurrency to be Millennial-male dominant. 

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Gen Y and Z investors are sticking to old investing strategies and moving into digital assets and new sectors. For example, the most popular assets at the moment are stocks and bonds but the odds they hold cryptocurrency is more than their inclination towards investment in mutual funds or indexes. 

Gen Y and Z are more expected to hold typical stock types….growth & dividend stocks instead of emerging types like meme stocks and SPACs. Gen Z displays owning in latter two stock types than older generations, while Millennials are expected to own more blue chip stocks.

Both generations most probably own stocks in rapidly advancing sectors like IT and high-tech along with energy and finance. 

Both Zoomers and Millennials prefer historical stability and rankings from established investment sites & researchers rather than social media buzz or influencers. However, Gen Z is slowly adapting to social buzz and influencers!


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